Heirloom Tomatoes

Black Krim
A rare tomato with a nice salty flavor. Great tomato for sauce.

Black Prince
A Siberian variety with a dark thin skin. Excellent flavor.
Brandywine Pink
A cross between Yellow Brandywine and a red tomato. Reddish-pink fruit with an excellent flavor.
Brandywine Red
Heirloom tomato dating back to late 1800's. Originally cultivated by Amish communities. This tomato will turn red when ripened.
Brandywine Yellow
Large yellow tomato, smooth and creamy texture with a gourmet taste.
Cherokee Chocolate
From Tennessee. A Beefsteak variety with great tomato flavor.
Cherokee Purple
Pink/Purple fruit with dark interiors. Pleasantly sweet and rich flavor with thin skin and soft flesh.
Costoluto Genovese
Italian Heirloom tomato, large deep-red fruit with a full flavor.
A beautiful tomato with a full flavor.
Green even when ripe, mild, delicious flavor. Very good for slicing and a pleasure to eat.
Green Grape
Relative to the Green Zebra. Tiny grape-like fruit which stays yellow-green when ripe. They are sweet and juicy and great for sauces, soups and ketchup.
Green Zebra
An Heirloom tomato with alternating dark/light green streaks. Great for making "Fried Green Tomatoes" and salads!
Mortgage Lifter / Bi-Color
Old Pink Variety, meaty large fruit with few seeds. Supposedly named after a man who sold the fruit to save his farm.
Excellent flavor, great for salads. Very sweet and hardly any seeds.
Big, Beefsteak like tomato. Beautiful bright orange tomato. Meaty with few seeds, one of the best flavored orange tomatoes.
Purple Calabash
Deep Purple-Burgundy, uniquely shaped. Fruit is flattened with a wine-rich flavor.
Purple Prince
Deep Purple-Burgundy. Like the Cherokee Purple. Excellent flavor, great for sauce.
Red Grape
Grape-like clusters of elongated cherry tomatoes. Addictive taste, bursts in juicy sweetness in your mouth. Excellent as a refreshing, healthy snack- good for packed lunches!
Red Zebra
Similar to the Green Zebra with great flavor. Beautifully colored.
Sun Gold
Grape size tomato. Very sweet in flavor. A great snack and perfect for salads.
Heirloom tomato from the Zapotec Indians of Mexico. Heavily ribbed dark pink fruit, very ornamental with a sweet, mild flavor.
Beautiful color and taste. Great for salads.
Yellow Peach
Heirloom variety, not very sweet but a nice flavor with lots of juice.
Zapotec Pink Ribbed
Heirloom tomato from the Zapotec Indians of Mexico. Heavily ribbed dark pink fruit, very ornamental with a sweet, mild flavor.
Red Pear
Pear-shaped bright red fruit approx. 2 inches long. Grows in clusters. Excellent in salads.
Yellow Pear
Considered to be "Garden Candy". Kids love them. Small and sweet tasting.
Green Tomato
Our green breakers are excellent for FRIED GREEN TOMATOES!
Red Tomato
A classic red tomato with great flavor.
Yellow Tomato
Low in acid with a smooth thin skin. A unique flavor that you will enjoy. Great for tomato salads with basil and olive oil.
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